Zones of hormonal status regulation

Adrenal glands zone. Located on the back, at the site of paravertebral and scapular lines crossover with 10th – 12th ribs

“Million dollar” zone. It is the direct projection of the prostate, located between the anus and radix of penis, closer to the anus. May be included in the scheme of treatment for any genital chronic diseases every 4 days of course treatment, the order of work is defined by operator. 
Scrotum zone (the testes are connected with absolutely all the glands of men’s organism). 
Zone of direct projection of the ovaries

and large pudendal lips. 
Both last zones are included in the scheme of apparatus treatment in a number of diseases. In chronic diseases, including genital, recommended zones may be treated every 4 days. “MED” (or “Test”) and “Therapy” 77Hz modes are used (by indications), minimal (mucous membranes) and comfort energetic level, treatment exposition – 1 to 6 minutes.

Zones of hormonal status regulation

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