Diadens cardio




This device is completely automatic!
DiaDENS-Cardio is a device for the correction of arterial blood pressure. With its help the high blood pressure can be lowered during the therapy sessions, so that the state of health is significantly improved!

The equipment is easy to apply: you fix it to your hand and turn it on. Thanks to a special mode it will work automatically after that! This mode is a result of extensive clinical research, which has been conducted during the development of DiaDENS-Cardio. It is a mode especially designed for the correction of arterial blood pressure, and it is absolutely safe for all users.

Using for therapeutic non-damage course influence by method electrofacilitation of bioactive zones on the wrist for the reason of arterial pressure reduction and normalization of the general condition of the organism. The device is intended for the individual using in medical-preventive institutions and at home in accordance with doctor instructions.

•    The device is easy to use, medical influence is conducted by specially designed automatic program in the field of wrists, the medical influence time does not exceed 5-7 minutes.
•    The device works on the frequency of 9,2 Hz, which is traditionally used for treatment of the hypertension, and specially designed program “7710” are intended for reception general sedative, becalming effect.
•    The device is intended for reduction of the arterial pressure beside persons with labile form of arterial hypertension and as additional influence at course treatment hypertension disease in different stages.

As a result: 
•    arterial pressure is being stabilized at the level acceptable for a patient
•    general state of health improves
•    psycho-emotional state improves
•    physical efficiency increases
•    the risk of complications of the essential hypertension is reduced

In the kit:
1. DIADENS-cardio device
2. User manual
3. Case

Diadens cardio


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