DENAS PCM (mod. 2016) / DENAS-PCM 6th generation is the latest generation of an effective medical device.
The first multilingual device of the DENAS family – you can choose the most suitable language in the menu. The choices of languages are: Russian, German, Italian, French, and English are available.

DENAS PCM is equipped with a bright color display with convenient electronic instructions that will always guide you on how to apply the device and what to do next!

DENS method will provide you with effective treatment of the musculoskeletal system, nervous and cardiovascular systems, male and female health, traumas and injuries, and many other health issues as well.

Programs and application

DENAS PCM is an advanced device, that can replace an entire physical therapy office and even more. The device utilizes the biological feedback method and operating with a dynamically changing impulse, that allows it to work without a long list of contraindications that most physiotherapeutic devices suffer from.

DENAS PCM is a most universal device in an entire DENAS devices family and it’s able to treat a wide range of medical conditions, providing a maximum therapeutic and preventive effect. DENAS PCM helps to solve most health problems. Usually, it is purchased for the whole family, because it is suitable for treating people of any age, including babies and the elderly.

New feature!

The mode “Children’s Doctor”, that is introduced in this model, allows to automatically set the optimal power range during procedures for children – from 2 to 5 units, providing the comfortable condition, while working at higher levels of power may cause a child’s negative reaction to exposure to DENAS devices. When operating in this mode, you avoid the risk that the child will accidentally increase the power level, ensure that the procedures are applied in a comfortable way.

Unlike the previous model, age gradation appeared in the new DENAS-PCM:

  • from 0 to 1 year;
  • from 1 year to 3 years;
  • from 4 to 7 years;
  • from 8 to 12 years.

Depending on the age, the stimulation time and the set of regimes for “Express therapy” automatically change: for each age group, certain treatment programs are offered. For example, for most children, from zero to a year, only diseases and pathological conditions predominate – and here they will come to the aid of the treatment programs “Bloating”, “Diarrhea”, “Constipation”. Over the years and with increased child activity, other problems may appear. So, in the list of programs for children from 1 to 3 years old you can find such programs as “Muscles”, “Trauma”, “Pain”, etc. In other words, by turning on the “Children’s Doctor” function and selecting the desired age group from the four presented, parents can easily find the program of interest in the list and conduct a session aimed at resolving the problem.
The “Therapy” mode includes a wide range of frequencies from 1 to 200 Hz.
Treatment programs – 24 express programs for the treatment of the most common diseases, pains and conditions.
Unique frequencies 77 10, 77 20 and 77 AM (modulated) – purposefully normalize the state of the cardiovascular and nervous systems; relaxing, tonic and decongestant effect;
MED – disease prevention, rehabilitation after mental and physical overstrain;
Screening – a quick search for optimal treatment areas on the skin.
Frequencies 10, 20 Hz – correction of hormonal disorders and psychoemotional state;
Frequencies 60, 77, 125, 140 Hz – removal of various types of pain, inflammation, edema, rehabilitation for diseases of the spine, joints, after operations and injuries;
Frequencies of 200 Hz – rapid analgesia;
Infralow frequencies 1 – 9.9 Hz – an individual choice of treatment parameters, taking into account the diagnosis, will help to cope with headache, insomnia, etc.
The 77 AM regimen has a pronounced tonic effect, which helps to cope with chronic fatigue syndrome, restore strength and significantly increase efficiency.
Regime 77 10, on the contrary, has a relaxing effect, has proven itself in lowering blood pressure, and helps to get rid of insomnia and stress.
Mode 77 20 has excellent vascular, decongestion and lymphatic drainage effects, as well as an anti-stress effect (elimination of nervous state, anxiety, fear, depression, etc.).
Children’s doctor – the ability to set optimal power during procedures for small children.

Who is this device for?

The device is a must for the military, athletes, extreme sportsmen and people living an active lifestyle. It is successfully used in the treatment of joint pain, back problems, as well as for the speedy healing of wounds, bruises, injuries, joint fractures.

It will treat acute health issues, such as digestive problems, as well as chronic conditions, bringing relief for unpleasant symptoms.

DENAS PCM is literally indispensable for allergy sufferers. It quickly copes with unpleasant symptoms and manifestations of allergies.

DENAS PCM – your own physical therapy in your home or even in your handbag!



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