DENAS 2 is an updated version of famous DENAS device.

Advantages of DENAS 2 in comparison with DENAS previous version:

– New form factor with new form of electrode (oval form)
– LCD screen with backlight
– Built in timer
– Digital power regulation with precise power levels
– 140 Hz as frequency for quick pain relief (also for muscle relaxation, for treating edemas, inflammations etc)
– Direct connections with DENAS accessories (DENS-glasses, DENS-applicator (Belt), Massage Electrodes, Therapeutic acupuncture probe)

DENAS 2 is the device that basically designed for the first aid (injury, severe pain, burns, asthma etc), but it can be also effective for chronic diseases.

It has 2 modes – Therapy (77 Hz or 140 Hz) and Dosed Mode. Both of them can be used for diagnostic and treatment.

77 Hz regimen allows finding pathological spots moving the device over the skin. When you’ll pass device over pathological spots you can find the following: stickiness, painfulness, sound deviation or reveal changing the skin color. That means you diagnosed deviation spots, therefore stay there for a few minutes to cure these pathological areas and you can get pain (or another symptom) relief in 5-20 minutes.*

Test mode, that works on 10 Hz, also helps to find pathological spots measuring the time of reply (LCD timer shows you time). Finding the smaller time of reply you get these deviation points and now you are ready to treat them.


DENAS and DiaDENS devices comparative table.

* For better treatment results we recommend to attend basic training for DENAS device users. You can also download instructions for using DENAS devices: DENAS New. Operations manual (pages 1-62 Russian, pages 63-122 English, pages 123-184 German, 185-208 Ru+En+De)

 DENAS training film. 2 Hour PC Version in AVI format.



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