Direct projection of organ “presenting a complain”

Location of direct zone of influence on the organ “presenting a complain” is defined by an exact complain of the patient. For example, if you are disturbed by nasal cold, device elec­trodes are placed onto lateral sides of the nose on the right and on the left; if you are disturbed by pain in a knee […]

Universal treatment zones

Universal treatment zones may be included into treatment scheme in various diseases, injuries and pathologic conditions. General treatment zones include central and peripheral zones. Central zones “Three paths”. Treated in “MED” ( or “Test”) mode with minimal or com­fort energetic level (according to indications- in “Therapy” 77Hz mode). The first path passes along the spinous processes of the vertebrae. Spinous […]

Segmentary (metameric) treatment points

A segment (metamere) of the spinal cord is its area along the long axis consisting of front and back horn with two pairs of poste­rior (sensitive) and anterior (motor) radices. They distinguish 8 cervical segments (C1-C8), 12 thoracic (Th1-Th12), 5 lumbar (L1-L5), 5 sacral (S1-S5) and 1 coccygeal (Co1). Sensitive and motor radices unite and leave […]

Specific treatment zones

In case of complains presence, disclosure during inquiry and examining of the patient or appearance during device treatment it is mandatory to treat skin zones that have appeared due to peripheral, segmentary, supersegmentary or combined nervous mechanisms. Zones of this kind include the following zones. Zakharyin – Head’s zones  These are zones of skin painfulness distinguished by their singularity […]

Zones of hormonal status regulation

Adrenal glands zone. Located on the back, at the site of paravertebral and scapular lines crossover with 10th – 12th ribs “Million dollar” zone. It is the direct projection of the prostate, located between the anus and radix of penis, closer to the anus. May be included in the scheme of treatment for any genital chronic […]

Zones treatment of which increases systemic effect

Zone 1, symmetric. Located on the back of hands in a conven­tional triangle between the thumbs and index fingers. Base of the triangle is located patient’s index finger width above the skin fold connecting both fingers In the area of this zone 5TR point (way-guane) is located. Zoned, symmetric. Located in the median line of the inner […]

Antiallergical zones

1. Adrenal glands zone. 2. Zone of the seventh cervical vertebra (in the region of neck transition into collar zone a tubercle is always felt along the poste­rior median line, it is the spinous process of the 7th cervical verte­bra). 3. Zones of direct projection of liver, pancreas and intestine ( See Digestive Organs Diseases). Treatment of these zones is […]

Tongue zone

Before the beginning of session switch on the device and make sure that it works in minimal energetic level. Ask the patient to open the mouth and stick out the tongue, after that place device electrodes from above on the tongue. Treatment should be performed according to indications. Treatment exposition in “Therapy” 77Hz mode is from 1 […]

Main resuscitation zones

Main resuscitation zones are located on the face that ensures quick access to them First zone is located on the upper lip. The electrodes are placed on the upper lip from outside. Technologic features of DENAS ap­paratus give a possibility to place the electrodes more effectively so that central electrode touches the place of nasal septum […]


The diagnosis of malignant neoplasm must be verified by anoncologist. Therapy prescribed at an oncological clinic must be performedby all means. There are absolutely no contraindications for device treat­ment. Device treatment is performed for any patient’s complaint. Course duration until elimination of complains and improvement ­of general condition. General condition and life comfort of the patients […]

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